Bigg Boss in Kannada 7 : Chaitra Kottur Apologises later for using the word ‘UNTOUCHABLES’;

Bigg Boss in Kannada 7 : Chaitra Kottur Apologises later for using the word ‘UNTOUCHABLES’;

Bigg Boss in Kannada 7 has been coming with a lot of drama and also conflicts as the contestants in the house they have current begun showing their true side. That all are happen to started with open nominations, lately wherein the kannada 7 contestants had nominated each other citing their respective decisions. While a lot has been going on in the glasshouse, Bigg Boss Kannada 7 recently got mired in controversy next one of his contestants allegedly hurt sentiments of a community. Here we are discussing about assistant director-writer Chaitra Kottur who was seen making a contentious statement on the show Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7.

Chaitra Kottur Apologises

When Chaitra Kottur conversation with Harish Raj that is happened during this conversation, where she was expressing her disappointment towards Deepika Das for nominating her for elimination that week. Chaitra stated, “Deepika shares a very good rapport with the another inmates & not me. Chaitra hugs them even feeds them but does nothing of that sort with me. What is this for? Are we ‘UNTOUCHABLES’?”

Her choice of words didn’t go doKotturwn well with the Ambedkar Sena in Bidar district who called out for a statewide strike against the BBK7 contestant. This isn’t all. That was also reported that the group will also be protesting outside the Bigg Boss Kannada sets in Bidadi.

On the another hand, given the gravity of the situation, Chaitra was called to the confession room wherein she was asked to clear the air about the controversy and share her views point on ‘untouchables’.


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