Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants List

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants List

Bigg Boss Kannada: is the Kannada language version of the popular reality T.V show which is broadcast mainly across India. The program is currently being offered by Endemol which is also the owner of the international Big Brother arrangement. Thus far, Bigg Boss Kannada has successfully completed the 4th season.

The season one of the programs which began back in 2013 became such a huge hit that it emerged as the common viewed program in South India during that particular year. When season 2 began, the show even grew bigger and more famous & went on to fetch some huge profits for the producers of the program as well as the channel.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants

Kannada5 Chandan Square


Kannada5 Diwakar Square


Kannada5 Karthik Square
 Third Place


Kannada5 Niveditha Square


Kannada5 Shruthi Square


Kannada5 Sameer Square


Kannada5 Anupama Square


Kannada5 Riyaz Square


Kannada5 Krishi Square


Kannada5 Sreenivasan Square


Kannada5 Lasya Square


Kannada5 Jagan Square


Kannada5 Ashitha Square


Kannada5 Vaishnavi Square


Kannada5 Chandru Square


Kannada5 Tejaswini Square


Kannada5 Dayal Square


Kannada5 Megha Square


Kannada5 Suma Square


Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Host Name

It has been confirmed by the channel Colors Kannada that Kichcha Sudeep will return to host the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 show.

He also hosted Season 4Season 3Season 2 And Also Season 1 of the show and his hosting was quite appreciated and liked by the audiences in general.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants Details with phots 


Kannada5 Sreenivasan Square

A famous numerologist who had a good fan base across the globe entered the house as the first contestant. His Main motto is giving knowledge by people instead of idol worship. If you are the dealy viewer of each Bigg Boss Kannada season, then you might have seen him in Season 3 who steps in the house to say the fortune housemates then.

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Kannada5 Megha Square

As we all know that, the 5th season is going to be an interesting one as common people and Celebs are going to live together in the House. Megha was the first Common contestant to enter the Bigg House. She was a Bold Girl who enjoys rough activities and was traditionally attached to boys. In simple, She is the one who simply reflects the other behavior to them. Megha is a BA student.
Dayal Padmanabhan

Kannada5 Dayal Square

If you are a movie lover, you might know him as he had directed 13 Kannada films to date. He is one of those who end up a career by being a Movie Director instead of a hero. If you are a good movie lover and a fan of his movies, then get ready to save him During eliminations. He was the third contestant of BBK5
Sihi Kahi Chandru

Kannada5 Chandru Square

Sihi Kahi Chandru is a well-known name in TV and movies. He has produced and directed TV serials and Pa Pa Paandu is his popular work. His wife Sihi Kahi Geetha is also an actor and voice-over artist and also their daughter Hitha has started acting in films.

Shruti Prakash

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Shruthi Square

She is a Mumbai settled singer and is yet to make her debut in Kannada Film Industry. She made her debut in Marathi film “Sanai Choughade” and she had made her debut in Tamil as well. Hope BBK5 might help her to grand a grand debut in Kollywood and she was the fifth contestant in the house.
Anupama Gowda

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Anupama Square

A Kannada TV serial Star who had later debuted into the films with Nagari in 2015. she came into existence with the Halli Duniya reality show and then continued it to serials and now started acting in Kannada films. So she just started her film career. There are no that many expectations on her. Let’s wait and see.
Riaz Pasha

Kannada5 Riyaz Square

Riaz Pasha is an RJ, voice-over performer also anchor, who has hosted programs across various languages. He is a Bengalurean, who was too in Mumbai. Interestingly, he had hosted the press meet from Bigg Boss Kannada 1.

Niveditha Gowda

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Niveditha Square

We all know what Dubsmash is one of the media through which you can create a good fan base with your cute expressions and acting skills. The 18-year girl, Niveditha Gowda is one of them. Niveditha is pursuing BCA in Mysore and she holds the record of being a young player in Bigg Boss Kannada. Most of her chances depend upon her behavior as she was the only teenager in the house.
Sameer Acharya

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Sameer Square

It’s good to see priests in the house 😉 Sameer Was a priest and skilled Sanskrit scholar who entered the house as a 9th contestant and was the 3rd commoner. It’s really interesting .how he can manage the things in the house as he was a priest.
Karthik Jayaram

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Karthik Square

Karthik Jayaram is a famous TV performer, who shot to fame with the character named JK in Ashwini Nakshatra. He has performed in various of Sudeep’s movies like Kempe Gowda, Only Vishnuvardhana, etc. He became a hero with Just Love.

Ashita Chandrappa

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Ashitha Square

Ashita is one more serial star in the house. She is still a small screen actress but had gained a good fan base with her shows “neeli” and “Jothe Jotheyali”.She had good chances of surviving in the house until 4-5 weeks.

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Diwakar Square

Diwakar is a common man, who is a salesman by profession. He is from Narasipura also was brought up in Madikeri. He has traveled over the state selling over 50 products.

Tejaswini Prakash

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Tejaswini Square

Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar was her full name. A Kannada Born Small screen actress and later debuted into the film industry in 2012. The best thing about is she get popularized with her roles in movies which can create a little impact on the audience. Moreover, she has been starred with stars as well. You can expect her as a good Housemate for the contest.
Chandan Shetty

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Chandan Square

Chandan Shetty is a singer, lyricist and also music composer hailing of Hassan district. He was an associate of Arjun Janya. He is turning hero with Vichitra Prema Kathe.

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Suma Rajkumar

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Suma Square

Maharani Sumithra Devi was her second name and is the 15th contestant into the house. She is a commoner and a Housewife. She entered the house with zero expectations of her.
Krishi Thapanda

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Square

Krishni Thapanda is the last contestant in the house. She was a model and made her debut in Akira. She is good at looks which she can draw some attention from youth.

bigg boss kannada season 5 contestants Square

The host of Dancing star(Last seen)Jagan is the 16th contestant to enter the house. He acted in many serials and hosted several shows as well.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 winner: Chandan

bigg boss kannada 5 winner

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