Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 : Voting, Winner, Contestants List, More

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 : Voting, Winner, Contestants List, More

Bigg Boss Tamil 1 is the first season of the reality TV show Bigg Boss Tamil which is the Tamil version of the Big Brother game. The first season aired on Star Vijay from 25 June 2017 to 30 September 2017. The season’s presenter was Kamal Haasan.

The winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 was model/actor Aarav, he got a cash prize of ₹50 lakh. Lyricist Snehan was the runner-up, while the opposite finalists involved actors Harish Kalyan and also Ganesh Venkatraman.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestants List


Bigg Boss Tamil 1 Contestants were the first ones that had created history by participating in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1.  There were actors like Shakthi Vesudevan, Sri, Namitha etc Participated in Bigg Boss Tamil 1. Aarav who was not a very known face of entertainment industry won the title of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestants Entry

Original Contestants

  1. Sri, an actor best known for playing the lead role in the films Vazhakku Enn 18/9 (2012) and Maanagaram (2017).
  2. Anuya Bhagavata, an actress best known for playing the lead role in Siva Manasula Sakthi (2009).
  3. Vaiyapuri, an actor who has primarily appeared as a comedian in Tamil films.
  4. Gayathri Raghuram, an actress, choreographer, and politician who has worked in Tamil films, daughter of choreographer Raghuram.
  5. Bharani, an actor best known for playing a lead role in Naadodigal (2009).
  6. Raiza Wilson, a model and former beauty-pageant contestant from Bangalore.
  7. Snehan, a lyricist, poet, actor and motivational speaker who has worked in Tamil films.
  8. Oviya, an actress who has appeared in leading roles in the films Kalavani (2010), Marina (2012) and Kalakalappu (2012).
  9. Harathi Ganesh, an actress who has primarily appeared as a comedienne in Tamil films.
  10. Arav Nafeez, a model and actor from Tiruchchirappalli who has starred in Saithan (2016).
  11. Ganja Karuppu, an actor who has primarily appeared as a comedian in Tamil films.
  12. Maria Juliana, a former nurse who rose to fame as an activist during the 2017 Jallikattu protests.
  13. Ganesh Venkatraman, an actor and former model who has appeared in supporting roles in the films Abhiyum Naanum (2008), Unnaipol Oruvan (2009), and Thani Oruvan (2015).
  14. Shakthi Vasudevan, an actor best known for playing leading roles in Thottal Poo Malarum (2007) and Shivalinga (2017), son of director P. Vasu.
  15. Namitha, an actress who has appeared in leading roles in the films Aai (2004), Billa (2007) and Azhagiya Tamil Magan (2007).
  1. Bindu Madhavi, an actress who has appeared in leading roles in the films Kazhugu (2012), Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga (2013), and Desingu Raja (2013).
  2. Suja Varunee, an actress and dancer who has appeared in supporting roles in the films Milaga (2010) and Pencil (2016).
  3. Harish Kalyan, an actor best known for playing leading roles in the films Sindhu Samaveli (2010) and Poriyaalan (2014).
  4. Kaajal Pasupathi, an actress and video jockey known for her roles in Ko (2011) and Mounaguru (2011).

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestants Details


bigg boss session 1 sri

Sri is an Indian Actor who has performed in several Kollywood movies. He started his career in Kana Kaanum Kaalangal serial in Vijay Television & made debut in a film Vazhakku Enn 18/9. The biggest success of his latest film ‘Maanagaram’ made him one of the front heroes in Kollywood. Sri is a participant of Bigg Boss (2017) Tamil first Bigg Boss season.


Anuya Bhagvath is an Indian Actress and model who has appeared in few Kollywood movies. She started her Tamil debut in Siva Manasula Sakthi with Jeeva & became popular. That second contestant did not know the names of quite a few actors who later entered the house. Anuya is a contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season.


Vaiyapuri is a Tamil film actor who mostly plays as a comedian in Kollywood movies. He has acted with Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijay, and Ajith happily entered the house. Vaiyapuri is a participant of Tamil fast season Bigg Boss.


Gayathri Raguram is an Indian actress and choreographer of South Indian movies mostly in Tamil. Her father Dance Master Raghuram, who is the legendary choreographer of Kollywood. She has directed the movie ‘Yaathumaagi Nindral’. Gayathri is one of the participants of Bigg Boss Tamil season.


Bharani is an Indian actor who performed in supporting roles in Tamil movies. He played as a comedian in many Kollywood movies and has done a lot of supporting roles in films. He also participated in the Achcham Thavir game show on the same channel. He is also a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil 1.



Raiza Wilson is an Indian model and finalist contestant of Miss India and crowned HICC Femina Miss South Beautiful Smile. Young Raiza is fully new to the Tamil audience & let’s wait to see the response from the audience. She is a participant in Bigg Boss Tamil 1st season.


Snehan is a Tamil lyricist, motivational speaker, Poem writer, also an actor of Kollywood. He has written more than 200+ songs in Tamil movies. Let us see is there another side to him that will come out in the show? He is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 1st season in Vijay Television.



Oviya, the ‘Kalavani’ fame has appeared in smaller Tamil language movies, made her debut in Kangaroo in 2007. She is also the contestant of the Bigg Boss Tamil Reality show in Vijay Television.


Arathi is an Indian movie Actress, Serial Artist, and Host in some shows. She began her profession as a child artist & acted in many television serials also shows. She chose to be in this show only for her father and wants to see her living without him. She is too a contestant on the Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil 1st season.


Ganja Karuppu also called Karuppu Raja is a comedian in Tamil cinema who is believed to add Nativity in the show. He has performed in Tamil movies that is Raam, Paruthiveeran, Subramaniyapuram, Naadodigal, Kalavani more. He was more than happy to be in the house without cell phones which he said are the one that creates troubles. He is a contestant on the Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil 1st season.


Aarav is an Indian model and has performed in Vijay Antony’s Saithan movie. He has acted in more than 100+ television commercials. This would be a great opportunity for him to make his mark in Kollywood. Now he is also a contestant on Vijay TV Bigg Boss Tamil reality show.


Juliana, the Jallikattu protests fame girl was a shocking and interesting choice among the other celebrities in the Bigg Boss house. She was prominently known for her impression during Jallikattu Protest in Marina beach. She made an entry to Vijay television with the Bigg Boss 1st Season reality show.


Ganesh Venkatraman is an Indian Model and actor who has performed in Kollywood and Bollywood movies. Ganesh has shared screen space with Kamal Haasan in Unnaipol Oruvan. He is the winner of Gladrags Mr. India 2003 and represented India in Mr. World 2004. He has also featured in Tamil television as host and now he is a contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season.


bigg boss tamil 1 voting

Shakthi is also known as Shakthi Vasudevan, an Indian actor who appears in Tamil movies. He surprised the audience by saying that his real name was Prashanth Vasu and changed his name to Sakthivel before he made his entry into films. The reason for changing his name was very interesting. He got the inspiration from Kamal, who played Sakthivel in Devar Magan.


Namitha is an Indian Actress and Model who has appeared in a lot of South Indian movies. She was a contestant of Miss India 2001 pageant. It looked like even Kamal Haasan wasn’t aware of her entry in the show. The actress, who recently has taken to spirituality, said that the reason she chose to be on the show was to change the image of hers among the public. She is also the contestant of the Bigg Boss Tamil Reality Show.


Bindhu Madhavi is a South Indian film actress who made her debut in the Telugu film industry. Originally, she began her career doing modeling & acting in television advertisements. Later Sekhar Kammula noted her talent & gave her an opportunity to act in his movie Avakai Biryani. And after that Cheran brought her to Tamil for his film Pokkisham (2009). She has made many notable films in Tamil and that fame has brought her into the Bigg Boss show as re-entry after two years. Let us see how Bindhu is going to utilize this big opportunity.


bigg boss tamil 1 vote

Suja Varunee is an Indian film actress who made her debut in the Tamil film industry. She started her career as a child artist and made her debut in 2004 in a Tamil movie. She has featured in a few Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Malayalam movies. When she was doing her 8th grade she got an offer as a female lead in a film titled Plus Two and after a long break, she was requested to do a dance in a successful movie Varnajalam. Suja Varunee enters the Bigg Boss House as a wild card contestant on the 53rd day.


Harish Kalyan is an Indian cinema actor that has predominantly appeared in Tamil cinemas. He started his debut in the movie Sindhu Samaveli. He played a lead role in Poriyaalan and Vil Ambu produced by director Suseenthiran. He enters the Bigg Boss House on 54th day as the new contestant. He is the third person to enter as a Bigg Boss Tamil new contestant for this week.


bigg boss tamil 1

Kaajal Pasupathi is a supporting actress in Tamil movies. She made her debut in the Tamil film Dishyum, directed by Sasi. She also acted with well-known actors like Surya, Vivek, Jayam Ravi. She has performed in successful movies like SingamSubramaniapuram, also Vellore Maavattam. She enters the Bigg Boss House on 55th day as the new contestant. She is the fourth person to enter as a Bigg Boss Tamil new contestant for this week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Weekly Hylighy

bigg boss tamil


Oviya is a pretty cool girl. Not a drama person. Snehan, not qualified to be a leader, Gossips and show double face – Not genuine. Ganesh is the best person to be a captain, maybe even to win this Bigg Boss Season. Harathi and Gayathri are dangerous in this group. Julie and Bharani both forming a team, such as Ganja Karuppu, Sakthi & Vaiyapuri. Namitha working best to be genuine however still finding faults in others. Anuya and Sree yet to participate in the show.


Gayathri, Harathi (and Raiza become friends recently), Namitha, Snehan, Sakthi and Ganja Karuppu are all in the same group, they decided to corner Bharani and Julie right from the first week. Bharani avoiding the issue by being a silent guy. Julie wanted to adjust with others but unfortunately, it has been termed as she is faking by Gayathri and Co. Vaiyapuri gossips about others, not playing the game seriously. Oviya, Ganesh, and also Aarav is moving good humans so far in this show.


Oviya seems like the person going to win the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, have large people support. As usual Gayathri, Harathi, Snehan, Sakthi, Namitha talk bad about people they don’t like, Raiza and Aarav joined the group. Vaiyapuri wants to leave the house desperately. All but Oviya spoke bad about Bharani and made him quit which is the stupidest and most cruel activity by all, and portraying his character as bad which is atrocious. People always felt Bharani is a nice person and doesn’t deserve this worst treatment, All problem started by Ganja Karuppu. By seeing all these activities, Oviya decided to ignore Coward Aarav and said she will be just a friend with him. Bigg Boss team tried to tie up Aarav with Raiza but the twist ends up with Julie started to fall for Aarav. The show is going thru a difficult phase in media but overall Bigg Boss Tamil is a great success.


Unassailable support from the viewers to Oviya (Trending SaveOviya and OviyaArmy in Social Networking Sites), as she survived the two consecutive eviction nomination with the maximum votes count. And she continues to impress the crowd with sheer care and love to the person who needs it. Two faces Juliana looks like the devil of the show at the end of this week as she creates more problems for Oviya. A different person who triggers others to create an issue to Oviya is Namitha, as she holds such a worst nature of the character. As usual, Gayathri plays the boss in the house, expects everyone to be under her. Raiza is a waste in this show, she simply plays safe with all girls different than Oviya though she doesn’t trust Julie. Aarav seems to be a better understanding person about Oviya kind nature, not interested in the issues triggered by Julie and Namitha. Sakthi, Snehan, Vaiyapuri, and Ganesh all just want to play as the chorus of Gayathri. All in all the whole week, Oviya has been cornered just like Bharani but Oviya stands strong to fight this gang play, not running away like Bharani.


The week with lots of twist and turn in the family, started with cycling for accessing the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Unity prevails but issues cause of few housemates breaks the rule. The management brought up new reporting activity to stop the cycling activity which causes a twist in the family by making housemates closer to Oviya. But the cunning groups one (Gayathri, Snehan, and Sakthi) and others (Julie and Raiza) always gossip about others. Oviya also Aarav joins together by Oviya falling in love for him strongly while Aarav always confuse when it comes to point of love. Aarav impressing Oviya with words but stays away from romance. Ganesh and Vaiyapuri talk with all but most of the time Vaiyapuri talks bad about Ganesh in humor sense. This week looks like the week of Oviya cry as she almost cried every day, also people feel like Gayathri has been given importance and shown well by putting Oviya down with some activity results in tears. When the emotions, it will automatically result in tears. This week is no eviction week, the fun part of it is Housemates unaware and discuss it.


A very sad and disappointing week for Bigg Boss and all Oviya fans as she has to leave cause of her health issue, The whole week she was very depressed due to the task filled with rules and very importantly her love rejection by Aarav. She continues to annoy Aarav, finally, she decided to attempt suicide and quit the show stating her mental issue needs some medical treatment. She might have left the house empty-handed but she earned all the love and care by the people who like her genuineness and truthful character. The rest of the family members are scared and started to ignore her activities, took some care especially Snehan did his best to support Oviya. Vaiyapuri and Bindhu sound favorable too for her. Surely Oviya will be missed for sure in this show, such a strong contestant, a big competition for all, At some point, everyone was thinking Oviya could easily be walked away with the title but she ruined her own opportunity but what’s important is she won the hearts of people around the world. Truly Bigg Boss is the life experience, teaching new lessons almost in all the shows.


The week has seen the low when it comes to people viewing interest. The week has been boring as Gayathri just controlling from what she is capable of doing. And the raise of Raiza does not make big impact as Oviya. Snehan playing safe by being good and gentle, quite different from the last 6 weeks. The rest is just passing time and pretending to be good in the house. All in all, Big Boss needs big change to bring back people’s interest to see the show. People’s basic opinion after Oviya departure, People vote is not enough to save their favorite contestants from eviction, other contestants need to isolate and torture to evict them. Bharani falls in this category as well. Still, many people believe Oviya will come back to the show as Wild card entry.


This is the week of New Entries. Though people looking for Oviya come back all of us should understand that Vijay TV management cannot force someone to come back to the house. Vijay TV might have tried to bring back to the house but unfortunately, she might have opted out the option to come back. One thing for sure that Oviya has to always credit and thank Vijay TV for getting the platform to show her character to the public. Suja, Harish and Kaajal have been included to increase the masala in the house. Show missing the fights of Oviya and Gayathri, Acting of Julie and Harathi, Talks of Sakthi and Ganja Karuppu. But people hoping that new entries will increase the interest of the show.


Raiza continued her annoying activity, looks like not interested to be in the house, she is trying her best to get evicted, mostly she is the one expected to get eliminate this weekend. Suja weird kiddish behavior, pretending Oviya annoys other housemates. Snehan continues to control his emotions, stopped his back talks so that he can be seen as a good person, he has learned a lot, so he will do whatever he can to be shown as a good human in the house. Kaajal looked more terror when she entered the house, but now other housemates started to tease her by saying her a dummy comedy piece. The week is very calm and beautiful, No Gayathri fights, Julie Lies, Sakthi Triggers and Oviya Emotions. A nice fun to watch a week.


The Show losing content brought back Harathi and Julie to provide some masala as housemates in the home who were making trouble before started playing safe, best example being Snehan and Aarav, both have read the show well in how to behave among other and started doing it now, Snehan has completely changed his character to play safe but it always we as the people can feel good about as there is a person who has to understand his mistakes and willing to change for good. Not a big change in other housemates’ behavior, but the show saw most problems in the week between guest entries Harathi and Julie, Harathi feels she knows everything and she is the only good but Julie seems not have changed that much, continues to lie. Show nearing to its end and definitely lost the TRP weight as the housemates play safe and do not want to spoil their name, for example, expectation from Kaajal was more of fighting character but she has seen as a comedy piece at the Bigg Boss House.


The week started with a lot of vengeance clash between Evicted Guests and Snehan. Sakthi told Snehan that he is playing the game with mastermind but overall when we see from the viewers’ point of view, some feel Snehan is Genuine while others feel Snehan is acting as good person just to win the show. The week also saw Housemates Relatives and Friends making the visit and it also had the weird and tough games resulted in a lot of clashes but everything ends in happiness as housemates learned to forgive and live life at the house hapilly. All in all its fun, emotional and tough games week with the tough eviction list for the weekend, all top winning contestants. Some viewers requesting for no eviction week with the post on social networking sites.


After the exit of Guests, even the Kamal told contestants to play games serious rather than playing it safe but it looks like, except Snehan and Suja, everyone else is not completely into winning the golden ticket for moving closer to win the show. The task judged by Ganesh choose Suja as the winner creates more grudge in the mind of Snehan. Bindu also feeling low with the poor coordination with Snehan in the Task. The rest of the Housemates remains the same as how they used to be before but we can see this week there was more involvement from Ganesh in all the tasks. All started raising voice including Bindu says out clearly if something went wrong in any of the tasks.


The show more focuses on getting housemates back in fighting mode again so the Show TRP can be increased but housemates apart from certain circumstances always trying to live in harmony. As a general viewer, I always feel the show title winner should be the appropriate person, not the one who did all the back talks and evicted others with the criminal mind, now acting like innocent. Cried to win Golden ticket, now the whole week of relaxation with a smile and comments bad about others especially Suja and Ganesh.


The week started with a lot of relaxed and old tasks with fun and entertainment but all changed once Bindu evicted in the middle of the week with 4 players still left in the show as the finalist. #Ganesh – Great Lovable Person and Inspirational character, if this show held in some other place, this kind of character would have easily won the show. Such a gem. A truly deserving winner. #Harish – Good and Honest Personality, Give up sometimes, always try to live under the shadow of influence person. #Aarav – Lots of shame and disgrace, the boy has committed a lot of mistakes in the past but accepted all, leaving all the sorrows behind, ignored all the bugging and media defame. Fought well, only physically fit person equivalent to #Ganesh, Definite heartthrob for a lot of teenage girls. #Snehan – An Excellent Player and Hard Worker, Great manipulator of surroundings, plans very well. Reads everyone’s mind including people, knows what to talk to impress people. Very emotional character, express feelings in tears without any hesitation.Let us appreciate the hard work of Aarav and congrats him for the great win.


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner

bigg boss tamil season 1 winner

Aarav was the Bigg Boss Tamil 1 Winner. He is a model turned actor who has started his acting career with the movie called Tiruchchirapalli
Then he has done a movie named Saithan in 2016. He was born in  Nagercoil south of Tamil Nadu and his real name is Nafeez Kizar.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voice

Bigg Boss Tamil Voice has been creating a buzz in the audience. The audience was in extreme confusion as who’s a voice is behind Bigg boss Tamil and its revealed that Navin Holadre is the man behind the microphone. Bigg Boss Tamil fans were in complete confusion as some were saying that Gokulnath is the voice who has dubbed Maanada Mayilaada, Kalakopovathu Yaaru, and Naalaiya Iyakkunar and some pointing towards Gopi Nair. But the Bigg Boss Tamil Voice is of Navin Holadre.

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