Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 : Contestants List, Winner or More Complete Details

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 : Contestants List, Winner or More Complete Details

Bigg Boss Telugu 1 is the opening season of the version of Telugu language reality TV show Bigg Boss broadcast in India.

The Bigg Boss Telugu fast season was started on 16 July 2017 on Star Maa Channel. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. hosted the show. The prize money for the winner was Rs. 50 Lakhs.

For that summer of Bigg Boss season, an excessive house set was constructed in Lonavala.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1

bigg boss telugu 1

Bigg Boss is the most popular Indian TV reality program. The first season of Bigg Boss Telugu show aired on Star Maa Television from 16 July 2017 to September 30th, 2017. The program was aired from 9:00 to 10:30 pm on weekdays from 8:30 to 10:00 pm on weekends. The Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 was hosted by the Tollywood Star Actor Jr. NTR. Know the complete details about the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 | Contestants List | Elimination Details below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Contestants List

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 must a listing of many celebrated persons. From Film Actors to Singers, Producers to Models, Social Workers To Public Personalities all were participation. Siva Balaji conquered the title of BBT and Adarsh was the runner-up. Hari Teja, Navdeep, and also Archana were also done well as they have stayed in the house till the final day. Diksha Pant and Navdeep were managed to enter the house as Wild Card Entrants. Jyoti was the first contestant who got eliminated, and she got evicted at the end of the first week. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 contestants have fought well for the title, and we got to see all the masala and these personalities lifestyle.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Host


bigg boss telugu season 1 host

Superstar Jr NTR hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 1. He has been a renowned actor in the Tollywood film industry. Jr NTR started his career in entertainment back in 1996 by playing the role of a child actor in Ramayanam who has also won the National Award For Best Children’s Movie. He is a grandson of famous Telugu industry actor and Andra Pradesh Chief Minister N.T Rama Rao. Jr NTR did his first film as an adult in 2000, and since then he has worked in 26 movies and has won several awards for his superb performances. Jr N.T.Rama Rao is a veteran actor in Telugu Film Industry. As the first season of any show is the most important one that’s why Bigg Boss Franchise has gone to Jr NTR for the role of Bigg Boss Telugu Host. He has skyrocketed the growth of Bigg Boss Telugu and widely appreciated in the audience for his skills to carry the show exceptionally. For Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Hosting role he has again approached, but due to his commitments elsewhere he was unable to Host the second season.


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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Contestants Details

Aadarsha Balakrishna

adarsh bigg boss telugu 1

Aadarsh Balakrishna is an Indian actor and cricketer, who predominantly works in the Telugu Film Industry. The actor was first spotted by filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor’s team, who were on the lookout for a real cricketer to play the role of ‘Kamal’ opposite Shreyas Talpade and was asked to audition for Iqbal.

In 2017, he participated as a contestant on the television reality shows Bigg Boss Telugu that is being broadcast on the Star Maa channel. The program started airing on Star MAA of July 16, 2017.

Archana Shastry

bigg boss telugu 1 archana

Veda Archana Shastry or just Archana is an Indian film actress, who has extensively worked in Telugu cinema, and a few Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films. In 2017, she participated as a contestant on the television reality show Bigg Boss Telugu, hosted by Jr. NTR, this is doing announced on Star Maa channel. The program started opening on Star MAA of July 16, 2017.



Dhanraj is a popular Actor. The latest movies in which Dhanraj has acted are Raju Gari Gadhi 3, Shivaranjani, Rangupaduddi, 4 Letters and PK Lele A Salesman.

Diksha Panth

Wild card entrant


bigg boss telugu 1 Diksha Panth

Diksha Panth is an Indian film actress who primarily works in Telugu cinema. The actress was selected for Bigg Boss Telugu contestant through wild card entry. She appeared in Harmony and Oka Laila Kosam. She received her 1st break in the Telugu cinema Gopala Gopala.

Hari Teja

Hari Teja

The cast, great recognized for her role in ‘A…Aa’ is a known face on the little screen too. She has starred in various television serials like ‘Manusu Mamatha’, ‘Tali Kattu Shubavela’ and ‘Abhishekam’.



Jyothi becomes worked in multiple Tollywood movies like ‘Oh my God’, ‘Chitranga’ & ‘Kevvu Keka’. Evicted in the 1st week of Bigg Boss Telugu 1, the cast looks forward to the announcement of her upcoming projects.

Kalpana Raghavendar

Kalpana Raghavendar

This versatile vocalist and also voice performer is the daughter of renowned singers TS Raghavendra & Sulochana. She continues well-known for singing multiple Telugu also Tamil hit-numbers.

Katti Karthika

Katti Karthika

A TV anchor and a daughter of Telangana, the anchor has also worked as an RJ. She has hosted many shows and events.

Madhu Priya

A budding playback singer who shot to fame with her folk song ‘Adapillanamma Nenu Adapilanani’, her latest number ‘Vachinde’ from ‘Fidaa’ has made her unforgettable. She was invited in the 2nd week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1.

Mahesh Kathi

Mahesh Kathi

An artist, writer, director, also cinema critic, Mahesh is a multi-faceted character. His script for the cinema ‘Minugurulu’ has found a place in the Oscar library’s permanent core collection as doing the 1st Telugu movie that was a strong contender as the Academy Awards Best Feature in 2014.

Mumait Khan

Mumaith Khan is an Indian cinema actress known to her particular numbers. She has performed in nearly 15 films in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Kannada languages.

Prince Cecil

Prince Cecil

Prince is an Indian film actor who has appeared predominantly in Telugu language films. He started his career in film with Teja’s film, Neeku Naaku Dash …


A character artist who has worked in films like ‘Sri Ramadasu’, ‘Mr. Perfect’ & ‘Ramudu Manchi Baludu’, he is too a well-known face on the little screen. He has acted in various tele-serials like ‘Kasturi’.

Sampoornesh Babu

bigg boss telugu Sampoornesh Babu

‘Burning Star’ Sampoo has many viral videos from his films to his credit. Beginning his profession with ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’, the actor has a loyal fan-base that his cinemas majorly cater to. He evicted himself of the house in 2nd week, due to his weakness to withstand the confinement of the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Shiva Balaji

bigg boss telugu vote Shiva Balaji

From ‘Idi Maa Ashokgadi Love Story’ and ‘Arya’ to ‘Shambo Shiva Shambo’, Shiva Balaji has starred in many Telugu films over the years. His work in ‘Pote Poni’ even won him a Nandi award.

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Bigg Boss Telugu 1 Eliminated Contestants List and Details

This is the list of Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants who got eliminated and left the Bigg Boss house in this Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 (2017).

Week Contestant Reason
Week 1 Jyothi Eliminated by a public voting process
Week 2 Sampoornesh Babu Left Out
Week 2 Mumaith Khan Left Out due to personal reasons
Week 2 Madhu Priya Eliminated by public voting process
Week 3 Sameer Eliminated by public voting process
Week 4 Kathi Mahesh Eliminated by public voting process
Week 4 Kalpana Eliminated by public voting process
Week 5 No Eviction
Week 5 Mumaith Khan Sent to Secret Room
Week 6 Dhanraj Eliminated by public voting process
Week 7 Mumaith Khan Eliminated by public voting process
Week 8 Prince Eliminated by public voting process
Week 9 Diksha Panth Eliminated by public voting process
Grand Finale Shiva Balaji Won the Bigg Boss Title

Week 9

Eliminated: Diksha | Archana, Hari Teja, Adarsh

On Sunday, Jr NTR announced that Diksha Panth has been eliminated from the ninth week of Bigg Boss Telugu season 1. The result was expected by the people and there was no big suspense. She got a lesser number of votes from the audience and left the Bigg Boss House.

Diksha Panth

As this is the final week of the Bigg Boss Telugu season, the game turned more curious with hopes on almost all the five finalists of the Bigg Boss Telugu 1 are Siva Balaji, Navdeep, Archana, Hari Teja, &  Adarsh. Let us see who is walking away with the title ‘Bigg Boss Telugu Winner‘ for season 1.

Week 8

Eliminated: Prince | Archana, Navdeep, Hari Teja, and Adarsh

Prince Cecil

On 51st Episode of Star maa Bigg Boss Telugu, Jr NTR organizes a Kabaddi game in the Bigg Boss house with some interesting new rules. Later he announced that Hari Teja, Archana, Adarsh Balakrishna, and Navdeep are in the safe zone. And Prince has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu house. Every housemate was shocked as none of them expected him to walk him out of the Bigg Boss house.

Week 7

Eliminated: Mumaith Khan | Nominees – Archana, Prince, Navdeep, Diksha

This Saturday Jr. NTR Sir announced that “Mumaith Khan” has been evicted from the Bigg Boss House. The result was expected by the people and there was no big suspense. And this time she is evicted totally from the Bigg Boss after an opportunity by the makers to stay back in the Bigg Boss house inside a secret room. Tarak announced that the first contestant to be back in the safe zone is Navdeep.

Week 6

Eliminated: Dhanraj, Katthi Karthika | Nominees – Archana, Siva Balaji


On 42nd episode of Star Mass Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1, Dhanraj left the Bigg Boss house. He was the most excited contestant when the elimination results were announced by Jr NTR. After a long week of claiming that he does not want to play the game anymore and now he gets evicted. Jr NTR announces that Siva Balaji is in the safer zone and the episode will be a double dhamaka instead of the regular one eviction, two of the four nominated contestants would have to pack their bags and leave the house. So Archana or Kartheeka are expected to leave the house this week.

Week 5

No Elimination but Mamaith Khan put into secret room | Nominees – Hari Teja, Mumait Khan, Dhanraj, and Archana 

At the beginning of the show Jr. NTR played a witty prank on Navdeep to make him taste his character. He just said Navdeep to pack his bags as his family needs him for an emergency. And after convincing all the contestants he disclosed that it was just a prank. Archana got more votes and stays inside the house. Even though Mumaith Khan is voted out by the viewers, she was offered a choice to stay inside the Star Maa Bigg Boss House but inside the secret room. Mumaith Khan added saying, “This is how life is and it cannot be stagnant all the time. Friends that I have made here are for life and the connection is real”.

Week 4

Eliminated: Kalpana and Kathi Mahesh | Nominees – Diksha, Kalpana, Kathi Mahesh, Hari Teja, and Shiva Balaji

Mahesh KathiKalpana Raghavendar

For the Week 4 eviction contestants have nominated five of them. They are Diksha, Kalpana, Kathi Mahesh, Hari Teja, and Shiva Balaji. Jr. NTR announced Kathi Mahesh’s name first. Also, he was allowed to come with his favorite red bean bag to the stage.

Week 3

Eliminated – Sameer | Other Nominees – Dhanraj, Kalpana, Kathi Mahesh, Mumait Khan, and Shiva Balaji 

Sameer got eliminated from the Star Maa Bigg Boss House this week. The result was announced by Rana Daggubatti who made a surprise visit to the Bigg Boss House to promote his upcoming movie “Nene Raja Nene Mantri”. He also seemed calm and sad when he came to the stage and conversed with Jr. NTR. He also added that his family would have believed that he will stay in the house until the end but be staying three weeks within the house is itself a great success.

Week 2

Eliminated – Madhu Priya | Other Nominees – Samir, Prince, Sampoornesh Babu

bigg boss telugu vote

In the following week singer, Madhu Priya got evicted from the Bigg Boss House by the public voting process. She was the youngest among the contestants of the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1. And so she was uncomfortable and seen disturbed with the rules and regulations and also with the co-contestants. She had conflicts with the Bigg Boss housemates right from day 1. She was seen separated within the house often. Finally, she received a lesser number of votes than Samir and Prince, so she left the Bigg Boss House.

Mumaith Khan – Eliminated

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) has confirmed that Mumaith Khan will appear for hearing as per the notice sent to her. Reports suggest that Mumaith Khan will quit the show in the midway and appear before the SIT.

It is expected that Mumaith Khan will appear in the court on the 27th of July and might come back to Bigg Boss which is yet to be confirmed by the Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu.

Sampoornesh Babu – Eliminated

Sampoornesh Babu

On day 9 of Star Mass Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1, Sampoornesh Babu left the house. This was due to the discomfort that he faced with the housemates. Already he was one of the nominees in the eviction process of that week. Even though he left the house there will be the usual eviction process from the rest of the three contestants.

Week 1

Eliminated – Jyothi | Eviction Nominees – Hari Teja, Mahesh Katthi, Kathi Karthika, Madhu Priya

bigg boss telugu 1

In the very first week of Star Maa Telugu Bigg Boss Jyothi got eliminated from the show. Junior NTR announced this on July 22nd as she received a lesser number of votes through missed calls. When compared with other contestants Madhu Priya, Mahesh, Kathi Karthiga and Hari Priya she failed to impress the audience and thus she was eliminated by the viewers.


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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 Winner

Siva Balaji appeared as the Winner of Star Maa Channel Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1, which is hosted by Jr NTR. He has been loved by the audience as a host & published the winner at the basis of the votes the candidate received in the grand finale of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 1. Shiva Balaji who spoke after winning the trophy said that he didn’t think that he would win but he thanks the audience and made him the title winner. Siva Balaji saw off competition from Archana, Adarsh Balakrishna, and Navdeep, who gave a tough fight throughout the nomination process for the last week of this season. Jr NTR announces that more than 11.95 Cr votes have come in to select the Bigg Boss title winner.


Following, the actor thanked Bigg Boss for the common loved program on any Telugu channel also told about his particular relationship with Music Director DSP who moved the grand finale event by his performance. He invited all the evicted contestants Jyothi, Sampoornesh Babu, Sameer, Kathi Karthika, Dhanraj, Diksha Panth, Prince Cecil, Madhu Priya and Mahesh Kathi to the grand finale. Jr NTR thanked the audience for showering so much love on the show during the event, and While Siva Balaji took home the winner’s trophy and prize money of Rs. 50 lakh, Adarsh Balakrishna was the first runner-up.

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